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When sales expertise meets innovation

Many startups targeting B2B customers with great concepts, innovations, solutions and products, face challenges when it comes time to bring them to market.

According to recent studies, more than half of startups identify their main challenge as recruiting talented people, especially in sales and marketing functions.

This statement inspired Smart’enOv’s founder to create a company whose mission is to support startups.

Smart’enOv helps startups develop, efficiently, their sales and marketing activities to bring them to success. Based on our 27 years sales expertise, our DNA is to support you building the best sales strategy and implement it efficiently in the field, jointly with your teams or on your behalf.

You are

A startup based outside France

Whether in scale up phase or not, you have identified France as a key market for your growth. Smart’enOv is here to speed up your development and get immediate, while reliable and predictable results, bringing you its longlasting expertise of the French B2B market.

A French startup

Whatever your current development stage, your startup needs traction on customers, partners and investors. Smart’enOv is on your side to support you elaborating an efficient sales strategy and give you benefit of our best practices.

Sales strategy

Define a clear direction, efficient business model and go-to-market, while keeping your aglity and flexibility

Alongside you to design your sales strategy

Joining your business expertise with our longlasting sales experience to define the most efficient sales strategy for your startup

Alongside you to improve your sales strategy

Highlighting areas of improvement, based on our longlasting multi-sector experience and sales expertise

Sales efficiency

Translate your sales strategy into a concrete action plan monitored daily to ensure immediate and long term success

Supporting your teams

Sharing, leading by example and transmitting our best sales practices to your teams

Selling on your behalf

Get benefit of our sales expertise to deliver efficiently your sales strategy on the field, grow and accelerate your business results

Customer testimonial

Alexandre celestin


“I do recommend Smart’enOv for its commercial expertise and the quality of its services: partnering with Smart’enOv means benefiting from tailor-made support.”

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Smart’enOv founder

Bruno Bothier


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