Customer testimonial

Alexandre Célestin

CERTIKeys CEO and Human First label founder

Smart’enOv: Good afternoon, Alexandre, may we ask you to present CERTIKeys and the reasons for having created your own startup?

Alexandre Célestin (CERTIKeys CEO and Founder): Good afternoon, Bruno, with pleasure!

CERTIKeys is a key player in the Integrative Medicine, which combines conventional medicine with complementary practices recognized by science (such as Osteopathy, yoga, medical hypnosis…). As such, Integrative Medicine allows patients to be treated preventively or curatively across multiple disciplines with medical coordination.

In the meantime, we rapidly realized that for patients it was nearly impossible to identify serious practitioners or medical structures in this environment.

This is why we’ve decided to create CERTIKeys, to recognize serious practitioners, hospitals, retirement pensions or pharmacies through the Human First label, the first ever Integrative Medicine quality label based on facts and proofs of evidence.

Smart’enOv: Can you explain us why you decided to collaborate with Smart’enOv?

Alexandre Célestin: Smart’enOv has been supporting us since the early stages of CERTIKeys journey.

We’ve been working with Bruno Bothier (Smart’enOv founder) since the ideation phase to build a clear and documented strategic framework and we also have taken a huge benefit from his expertise during the launch and development phases of our startup, elaborating a clear, detailed and time lined action plan to achieve our targets. This support brought us clarity, calm and secured our go to market approach.

Smart’enOv: Can you be more precise about the benefits of your collaboration with Smart’enOv during each phase of your startup journey?

Alexandre Célestin: Rather than a collaboration, I would name it « long term partnership », as Smart’enOv supported us in the ideation and launch phases and now continues bringing its expertise in the current development phase, especially for all related sales activities.

Supporting CERTIKeys in the Ideation phase

Based on our extensive experience in Integrative Medicine, we had rapidly identified the need for securing and structuring this landscape.

We called Smart’enOv not only to improve our idea but also to structure it and elaborate on the best business model and go to market for the short, mid, and long terms: we definitely needed to define a pertinent and efficient strategy, covering not only the Human First label launch but also the future development of CERTIKeys.

 As such Smart’enOv strategic vision and the extensive and recognized sales expertise in B2B of its founder, have been a key success factor for us!

Supporting CERTIKeys during Creation & Launch phases

Smart’enOv supported us to choose our best startup company structure, refine our label name to Human First and our logo.

For the launch, we took benefit of Smart’enOv experience to define not only our press and media plans but also the pricing policy of our label. Last but not least, Smart’enOv brought us its strong expertise to successfully deploy the first pilots in real life!

Supporting CERTIKeys during its development phase

Currently in the evolution of our startup, the first pilots are behind us and the first structures labelized.

We still count on Smart’enOv support to evolve the future variances of our label for new target customers, and for specific negotiations where their expertise secures our approach, speed up the buying cycle and increase drastically our win rate. In addition, Smart’enOv naturally gives us the best sales practices.

Smart’enOv: As a conclusion, and on your point of view, why should other startups rely on Smart’enOv services?

Alexandre Célestin: The main reason why I do recommend Smart’enOv is linked to the overall service quality provided during the whole life of our startup: partnering with Smart’enOv brings you the insurance to get customized support, relying on the huge and recognized B2B sales expertise of its founder, Bruno Bothier. This is how Smart’enOv helped us to make our journey so successful.